1. NYC, July 2014. Photo by C-M.

  2. Good bye, Rodeo Bar. You burned strong and bright (on all those vats of cheap tequila). (at Rodeo Bar & Grill)

  3. Nice scene shot in a skatepark on FX’s The Bridge. So stark and lunar. Great shadows.

  5. powhida:

    A Dingy Poem for Jeff Koons*. 44” x 30”, Graphite, colored pencil, and watercolor on paper, 2014.  *Based on Carolina A. Miranda’s ”A Shiny Poem for Jeff Koons”.  

    The #Koonstpoem inspires a real live work of art!

  7. Juan Sanchez painting from 2003-05 exploring the history of lynching in america. Whoa.

  8. Practicing for her cameo as super dog.

  10. Bureaucrat in charge of designing U.S. passport: “We need eagles. Lots of eagles. Eagles on every page.”