2. lostinurbanism:

    Dana Lixenberg‘s Imperial Court photo essay from Vibe Magazine in 1993. The photographs were taken after the 1992 South Central riots in LA.

    (via xulaxicana)

  3. NYC, July 2014. Photo by C-M.

  4. Good bye, Rodeo Bar. You burned strong and bright (on all those vats of cheap tequila). (at Rodeo Bar & Grill)

  5. Nice scene shot in a skatepark on FX’s The Bridge. So stark and lunar. Great shadows.

  7. powhida:

    A Dingy Poem for Jeff Koons*. 44” x 30”, Graphite, colored pencil, and watercolor on paper, 2014.  *Based on Carolina A. Miranda’s ”A Shiny Poem for Jeff Koons”.  

    The #Koonstpoem inspires a real live work of art!

  9. Juan Sanchez painting from 2003-05 exploring the history of lynching in america. Whoa.

  10. Practicing for her cameo as super dog.