1. movingthestill:

    Welcome to Moving the Still: A GIF Festival! We are looking for the best of the best in original animated GIFs, and we want you to submit your original creations. Enter for the chance to have your GIFs exhibited during Miami Art Week in December 2012 and participate in this awesome celebration of the GIF medium, curated by Paddle8 and powered by Tumblr, presented by smartwater.

    Submissions will begin October 17th and remain open until November 7th on the Moving The Still blog, where we’ll be publishing submissions on a rolling basis.  

    Paddle8 and Chief Council Member Johnny Misheff have gathered a Selection Council from across creative industries who will curate the GIFS for the Miami Art Week exhibition, including MIchael Stipe, Ryan Trecartin, RoseLee Goldberg, Rodarte, Nicola Formichetti, Richard Phillips, James Frey and Vindoodh Matadin & Inez van Lamsweerde. Check out GIFs from the Selection Council on Paddle8’s Exhibition Page

    Submit for the chance to be included in this groundbreaking exhibition alongside works by the Selection Council and other GIF Contributors such as Nick Knight, Nicolas Fernandez, Adam Dugas, among others. We’re excited to see all the amazing GIF artwork out there. Join the fun!

    (via npr)

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