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    Virgin of Guadalupe flag carried by Miguel Hidalgo during the Mexican War of Independence.

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    As Americans commemorate the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, Mexicans look on with melancholy at what they see as a period of exasperating estrangement from the United States, a country they once admired and trusted but now fear…The perception that 2001-2011 was a lost decade in U.S.-Mexico relations is a conclusion borne of three developments that continue to undermine relations between the two nations…


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    Today In Latin American History

    Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata was born in the state of Morelos on August 8, 1879.

    Now that’s a ‘stache.

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  4. World’s most amazing Monster Truck, narco edition. (Via Scrumper.)

  5. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art just debuted a new section on their website that contains high-res downloads of unrestricted images from their collection. Above, ‘Censer,’ a ceramic sculpture from Mexico, crafted c. 1400-1521.

    This is all kinds of awesome.

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    Ciudad de Mexico, 8 de Marzo 1991. Imágenes del Movimiento Feminista en la Ciudad de Mexico  http://nisantasniputas.blogspot.com/ via thinkmexican

  7. Drug violence in northern Mexico has led nearly half the 9000 residents of Guadalupe Distrito Bravo to abandon the town — which is also entirely without police officers. Read the full story here.

  8. Untitled, 2010, by Jeff Williams. Purple chalk on a brick kiln in Chilchota, Michoacán. A full sequence of images can be found on Jeff’s blog.