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    Giant Labrador Sculpture Marks Its Territory on a Museum

    A 28-foot-tall sculpture of a black Labrador relieving itself is currently installed on the side of the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) in Newport Beach, California. The installation, known simply as Bad Dog, is a new outdoor piece by artist Richard Jackson that is claiming its temporary territory throughout the run of the 74-year-old artist’s first retrospective exhibit titledRichard Jackson: Ain’t Painting a Pain.

    The sculpture of the giant naughty pup leaving its golden mark on the building is made of 52 digitally cut pieces of fiber glass and composite materials that were assembled on-site. Once the structure was intact, Jackson entered the sizable sculpture with a bucket of yellow paint to be splattered on the wall. Now, the mechanized sculpture squirts a stream of yellow paint on its own. It is one of Jackson’s many “painting machines” that excretes pigments in an unusually creative fashion.

    I have a profile of Richard Jackson over at KCET Artbound. If my story gets enough votes, Jackson gets a full-on video profile. Please help me out and click through! This artist is a hoot.

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  2. Richard Jackson’s Bad Dog does his business on the side of the Orange County Museum of Art. My profile of the artist is up at KCET’s Artbound. He’s a funny, no bullshit kinda guy — please click through!

  3. hyperallergic:

    Critic and reporter Carolina Miranda reports on this must-see gem of a show on Richard Jackson in Orange County, California. READ IT :)

  4. Untitled (View From Studio Ocean Park), 1969 by Richard Diebenkorn. From the artist’s exhibit now on view at the Orange County Museum of Art. More on that here.