1. Hanging horses and dangling Hitlers: My slideshow of Maurizio Cattelan’s All is now up at WNYC.

  2. wnyc:




    Former Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has unveiled a statue of… himself.

    More photos here from the museum he opened Friday in Austria commemorating… himself.

    Image: Dieter Nagl / AFP - Getty Images

    Nice definition. —A.P.

    Stallone has a statue of himself as Rambo. I’m thinking group show.

  3. Thisclose to buying a cardboard Knight’s Helmet.

  4. Abraham McNally, Untitled, 2009. Going on view at Curious Matter, in Jersey City, this Saturday. (Via ArtCat.)

  5. ultraclay:

    Creepier statue of baby (angel) with dismembered head… #fineart #religion #BsAs #argentina #travel #museums (Taken with Instagram at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes)

  6. floresenelatico:

    François Morellet, L’Avalanche, 1996, 36 tubes de néon bleus, fils de haute tension blancs — 400 × 400 cm Collection de l’artiste pour la présente version — Une première version de cette œuvre est conservée au Neues Museum de Nuremberg — © François Morellet © Adagp, Paris 2011 Slash.fr

    Exhibition at Centre Pompidou, Reinstallations, 2 March - 4 July 2011

  7. African-American Flag, 1990, by David Hammons, at MoMA. (Photo by C-M.)

  8. The attached story is a mess, but this photo of a 15th century depiction of John the Baptist is all kinds of beautiful.

  9. Not what you think: A ceramic milk crate sculpture by Matthias Merkel Hess.

  10. I can’t stand art actually. I’ve never, ever liked art, ever. I never took it in school.” — David Hammons.

    Shown here: Untitled, 1989. From David Hammons in his own words, in hEyOka Magazine.