1. For the NYC types: My guide to the fall art openings in Chelsea, complete with map, audio and places to get loaded. Things get rolling tomorrow…

    If you want a version you can navigate on your smartphone, check out this link over here.

  2. Ai Weiwei’s New York photos from the ’80s at the Asia Society are mad crazy amazing. Shown here: A photo snapped during a protest in Washington Square Park in 1988. Find this listing and others on my blog at WNYC.

    (Image courtesy of Three Shadows Photography art Centre and Chambers Fine Art.) 

  4. This, and more, over at WNYC Culture.

  5. newzed:

    The Obsessive Pleasures of ‘Radiolab

    Holla! Nice piece about one of my favorite shows. (Confession: I had no idea that Jad Abumrad was a composer.)

    (via wnyc)

  6. My year-end guide to year-end arts coverage, complete with Marina Abramovic heads rating system.

  7. Way better than fighting people at the mall for bullshit product: Seeing Charles LeDray at the Whitney Museum. See my slideshow at Gallerina.

    P.S. Those racks you see above aren’t more than two feet tall. (If you have kids, they will love this.)

  8. Have been busting my butt working on this two-part audio download about New York City during the time of the Abstract Expressionists. Naturally, I’ve learned all kinds of rad stuff: beer used to be 15 cents, apartments used to go for $17 a month, and when artists said they were starving, they weren’t kidding.

    Also, we found all-kinds-of-awesome vintage audio of Peggy Guggenheim (describing herself at the “enfant terrible of the Guggenheim family”) and Robert Motherwell telling a particularly poignant story about Mark Rothko in the early ’50s.

    Please check it out!!!

  9. Around Ground Zero, scenes of everyday life. Nice video from WNYC’s Jenn Hsu.

  10. markcoatney:

    The First Tweet is the Deepest.